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Raven Construction Inc. is a full service, design-build commercial construction company who is ready to make your business-space vision a reality. Trust us to deliver your dream project finished on time and on budget. Our team is dedicated to making the process of finding, designing, and building approachable and easy for our clients. We work to ensure that you are involved in every step of the process.  You are not only creating your perfect space, but learning about the process so as to better make decisions for your business. 

Our team has experience creating a wide variety of commercial properties including commercial kitchens, offices, theaters, and more. No matter what you dream up for your business, Raven Construction Inc. is ready to bring it to life. 

"Raven Construction remodeled a storefront community room on the first-floor of a multifamily apartment building in Minneapolis. Their guidance and creativity were absolutely critical to the project's success. As a non-profit, we were on a limited budget. With regards to finishes and materials, they helped us decide when we should invest our limited budget in inexpensive finishes and where we could employ the lower cost options without compromising durability. As this was a storefront space with a unique use, there was definitely grey area as to which building code should be applied. Raven's deep knowledge of code requirements and experience working with the City saved us time and prevented costly mistakes. It was like working with a partner who was as invested in the quality of the project and protecting our budget as we were."
Joan Bennett
Hope Community

What is Design-Build?

As a Design-Build firm, Raven Construction Inc. is uniquely equipped to assist you through your entire construction project. All aspects of your project will be managed by our dedicated and professional staff. This approach allows us to assist the owner in making design decisions while working through the execution of the build to ensure the project stays on time and on budget. 


Raven Construction Inc. is able to take the benefits of Design-Build methods a step further by having licensed realtors on staff to assist in the process of purchasing a property

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About Us

Raven Construction Inc is an indigenous and woman-owned construction and consulting firm with a history of helping small businesses and non-profit organizations build their first space in Minnesota. We’re dedicated to creating exceptional products for our clients. 

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